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Hi! I'm Nathalie Savell, welcome to my page!


Thanks for coming to my page specifically dedicated to my coaching and consulting work! If you have found yourself here it is because you are seeking services in one of the following areas: 


You are a therapist or coach interested in starting or building a business and want to "pick my brain" about some of the ins and outs! These can be one-off or on-going consultation sessions.

Nature Therapy

You'd like support utilizing Nature Therapy in the work you do as a therapist OR integrating Nature Therapy related Mental Health support at the organization you work for. 


You need help navigating the complexities of being a step-parent. You are looking for more clarity, connection, & confidence in your role & want someone with the professional & personal expertise to guide you.

Respectful Parenting

You're interested in creating a more peaceful, respectful relationship with your kids and would like the tools and resources to change patterns you were raised with and stay connected as your kids grow up.



My qualifications: 

* A Licensed Therapist (LCPC)

* Certified Step-parent Coach

* Certified Holistic Health Coach 

* Certified Yoga Teacher 

* Business Owner at Upward Spiral Wellness, Inc. (

* Certified Nature-Informed Therapist 

* Biological Mother of two (ages 3 and 9)

* Step-mother of one (age 13)

*Licensed Parent Educator of the Teach Through Love program (

* Homeschooling Mom

* Board Member of Elderberry Outdoor School (


There are several ways to work with me

I'd be happy to support you! 

I offer individual consultation or coaching sessions, step-couple coaching sessions, group nature therapy experiences and talks, and parenting classes. 


Peaked your interest? 

Schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation to see if I'm a good fit for your needs! 

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