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Current projects and partnerships with open registration

I am passionate about empowering parents and leaders to step into reciprocal, mutually respectful, cooperative, meaningful and connected relationships with the people they are in charge of guiding through the workplace or in their homes. See below for current partnerships to spread empowering parenthood experiences. 



Join us for an afternoon of unwinding, learning, connecting, and receiving support so that you can step into the parent you want to be and create a cooperative, respectful relationship with your kids! 


This 3-Part Mini-Retreat series for Overwhelmed Moms to find solace, support, and connection in the darkness and stillness of winter. 



Interested in me running a group or giving a talk for your organization or partnership? 

Nathalie Savell is a Licensed Clinical Therapist, Certified Nature-Informed Therapist, and Licensed 'Teach Through Love' Parent Educator. She runs nature therapy groups, workshops and retreats for parents, and is an active board member of a non-profit Nature-based tutorial program that her son attends. She is passionate about supporting child development from a holistic perspective, and giving them age appropriate tools and skills so that they can grow into healthy adults with meaningful relationships. 


She is delighted to give talks on the following topics: 


"The importance of Nature exposure for children's growth, development and mental health and how to facilitate that as a parent" 


"Raising kids in an age of anxiety and screen addiction and how to bring mindful, conscious parenting practices into your home to create more connection and peace" 




"The use of Nature Therapy as a vital tool for Parental overwhelm, scattered thinking, burn out, and overstimulation" 

Get in touch to set this up! 

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